Tivo launches TivoToGo

Tivo logoTivo has launched TivoToGo which allows Tivo users to transfer their recorded shows to their PC. The exciting news for PSP owners is the ability to sync your shows with your favorite portable devices including the PSP.

To use this cool new service, you will need a Windows PC (the Mac client isn’t TivoToGo enabled at the moment) and a compatible device. At the moment, TivoToGo is compatible with the Sony PSP, Apple iPod, Palm Treo, Nokia N80 and Toshiba gigabeat. If you want to burn your shows onto a DVD, you’ll need Sonic MyDVD.

[via Tivo]

1 Response to “Tivo launches TivoToGo”

  1. 1 Mitchyd

    Now if people would upload their files, and we could scam… Woot.

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