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Tomb Raider: LegendTomb Raider created a storm when it first debuted in 1996. It’s revolutionary state-of-the-art graphics, innovative gameplay, thrilling music and involving storyline made it an instant hit. And Lara Croft, the game’s heroin, won the hearts and minds of gamers worldwide for reasons that won’t be discussed here. ;) But after a series of disappointing sequels, the series killed itself and Lara’s impression started fading away—that was until a little game called Tomb Raider: Legend came along. Legend revitalized the series and brought back the Lara gamers knew and loved. Crystal Dynamics brought back best elements from the old games and added new features that made Legend even better than its predecessors. Unfortunately, the PSP version of the game did not fair as well as its console cousins. Although the game doesn’t run quite as smoothly as the console versions do, the added content and multiplayer mode might be enough to entice gamers to at least give the game a try. Overall, Tomb Raider: Legend for PSP is a fairly good game, but is tarnished with awkward controls and marred performance.

IGN: 71
While rough around the edges, Tomb Raider Legend still manages to offer a unique, worthwhile experience on PSP.

Official U.S. Playstation Magazine: 70
So, basically, TRL is a good game that kind of lost its way when it came over to the PSP. [July 2006, p.80]

GameSpot: 62
If you can get past the poor controls and irritating camera, Tomb Raider: Legend on the PSP offers the same fairly enjoyable experience as its PC and console counterparts.

PSM Magazine: 50
Lara Croft’s PSP adventure is surprisingly close to the PS2 version in many respects. Unfortunately, where it differs, the experience really suffers. [July 2006, p.86]

Overall: 69

[via Metacritic]

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  1. 1 Red Zeppelin

    I must be the only video gamer in the world who has never been crazy about the Tomb Raider franchise. I played the original TR on my PC and was incredibly underwhelmed, while the rest of the world was going ga-ga over it.

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