MediaCenterPSP v2.00 released

MediaCenter PSP

PSp2gamer has just informed me that he has released a new version of the PSP web portal named MediaCenterPSP. This is the first that I’ve seen of this portal, and I have to say that it is looking great. If you are looking for a new portal, this one based on the default WindowsXP theme is one to look for.

-AIM, Yahoo, and MSN Messenger Login
-Multiple Search engine support
-Redesigned GMail Viewer
-8 Flash Games and Apps included and download center for more
-MediaVault Downloads
-MediaCenterPSP QuikDate (Add new features right from the PSP)
-Brand new redesigned User Upload/Download Center
-File Browsing and Other Portal Loading support
-12 Hour Clock with Day of the Week
-ONLY 500K!

-PSP Snake (By Epixx)
-EtchNScetch (By Epixx)

-Periodic Table
-ICDrav V.2

More details and a Download link can be found in this thread on the official Playstation forums.

19 Responses to “MediaCenterPSP v2.00 released”

  1. 1 pat

    bollox doesnt work at all

  2. 2 pat

    sry me agen got it 2 work lol kool hack

  3. 3 Dicer999

    its cool. The interface is nice, but its pretty much the same as X5. I like both still though.

  4. 4 Mving_Trgt

    yea, i have this and X5, i like the download others file…thingy…option…

  5. 5 Dicer999

    That is cool. if you looked around the file, you could put any game you wanted in there, i think.

  6. 6 Ethan

    Hi, what exactly is this? Where do I get it? Does it cost?

  7. 7 Ethan

    Whats MediaCenterPSP v2.00 that is?

  8. 8 bk

    When I open the thing in the psp browser, all I get is that picture of the aircraft carrier and the battleship, any1 know wat Im doing wrong?

  9. 9 RENATO

    good software

  10. 10 Soy Vinyad

    Where can I get MediaCenter PSP v2.0 !!!!!!!!!

    Please tell me thank you !

  11. 11 6ual

    hey guys, can u please give me the link to download it? I’ve been looking for it, but I can’t find it, please help me

  12. 12 bob

    Where can I download media center 2.0 for the psp

  13. 13 t-capp

    nice piece of work !!!

  14. 14 t_capp

    This is a really cool hack. Thanks alot.

  15. 15 t_capp

    does anyone know how to download psp media center 2.0

  16. 16 Ben

    does anyone know how I can download the psp media center 2.0

  17. 17 Ben

    This is the coolest portal ever. Thanks yall. Who ever made this portal. Halla

  18. 18 Ben

    Fuck a duck in the ass and call him skimpy.

  19. 19 geoff

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