Tomb Raider: Anniversary EditionThe rumored remake of the original Tomb Raider for the PSP has been cancelled. It was originally planned for a release this summer. The game wasn’t even mentioned at E3, but when a video showed up on Google and YouTube, people thought it may still be coming, even with the strange Star Wars music in it. But now, the developer has finally come out and said that they were working on a remake and the video was an unauthorized release of an internal video of the game running on a PSP. For some reason known only to them, Core has cancelled the game. This makes no sense to me because of the success that Legends brought, but Core says the company has some big news coming soon, but they haven’t specified on anything. I personally think the game would have been a big hit, and that it’s a shame they cancelled it so close to it’s release.

[update 1]: Eidos Interactive has confirmed that Tomb Raider Remake is still on track. The game was in fact cancelled by Core Design. However, Eidos assigned the game to Crystal Dynamics, the creators of Tomb Raider: Legend.

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9 Responses to “Tomb Raider PSP remake is no more [update 1]”

  1. 1 Demon hunter

    who cares??

  2. 2 Mitchyd

    You need to update… It’s back on track again… Not that it matters, lol.

  3. 3 Dr.Hookems

    Bad signs for PSP.
    1. games getting cancelled
    2. cheaper memory cards
    3. PS3

  4. 4 Mitchyd

    Good Signs for PSP:

    1. It’s a PSP

  5. 5 chucky

    Bad Signs for PSP

    1. it’s a PSP

  6. 6 yuna

    Who cares about psp , as long it come on ps2!

  7. 7 DANIEL

    hola a todos gringos jeje XD

  8. 8 Brian

    for 1 Tomb raider is awsome!
    For two Tomb Raider:anniversary is only for pc and PSP!Not for ps2!
    And Third of all The psp will be able to port almost every ps1 game and play it flawlessly!
    And dont forget the psp is portable is not a console!
    if it was they would make more original games for it!
    Sony is just trying to make your favorite games more playable for people on the road!

  9. 9 Alan

    it is for ps2, psp & pc – anniversary looks awesome
    ive played legend, tr 2, tr 3 but not 1 that well (can’t stand the poor controls)
    Tomb Raider: Anniversary is set to make the original best selling and greatest game more accessible – i for one cannot wait!!!
    check out the numerous sites dedicated to it, as well as other tomb riader games
    angel of darkness set for remake???

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