Siliconera has pointed out an awesome deal. Sandisk has a coupon that allows $25 off a 512MB Sandisk PRO Duo at Circuit City, GameStop, or Best Buy.

Luckily, the cards only sell for $19.99 at Best Buy so you can print out the coupon and take it in for a free memory card.

While I have not had a chance to try this out, I will be hitting Best Buy first thing tomorrow morning and pick up one (or two, or three)

[update 1]: It appears that SanDisk has changed the coupon. Now it simply says you can buy a 512MB MemoryStick PRO Duo for as low as $19.99.

[via Siliconera]

29 Responses to “Get a 512MB MemoryStick PRO Duo for free [update 1]”

  1. 1 Jakanden

    Just to update – I now have two free 512MB cards. Went to two separate Best Buys. While they did give me some grief about it, after talking with the managers they relented.

  2. 2 Coe

    NO WAY.

    I was about to pop in and say you read it wrong, but if it worked for Jakaden… maybe it’ll work for me!!!

  3. 3 dicer999

    How much is a 1gb stick?

  4. 4 Hobbs

    I went to Best Buy in Dublin, OH and they refused to honor it. I asked what if your price was $30? He said he would still refuse to honor it, because it wasn’t an ‘official’ coupon. I called 888-BEST-BUY and got the same answer – along with ‘Sandisk must’ve made a mistake.’

    So I fugured I’d call Sandisk, just to get a straight answer. They said they’ve received a lot of the same call and are checking into it. But it may have to do with ‘participating’ stores. I mentioned that ‘participating’ is used in the coupon text, but not the page text and that there is no list of participating stores. She said to give them time and call back and they would have an answer…

  5. 5 PwesP

    Yeah I just went to Best Buy and they shot it down. The coupon reads at the very top “As low as 19.99 for a 512MB card.” Meaning thats as low as you can purchase it with this coupon. In the middle it also says “Prices range from 19.99 – 24.99 AFTER $25 instant savings.”

    But if you can talk them into it, way to go!

  6. 6 Red Zeppelin

    I knew it was too good to be true. Glad I didn’t waste the gas money to drive to the nearest Best Buy just for this.

  7. 7 Demon Hunter

    Man this sucks!!! :( common the one time someone makes a mistake and i can not use it to me advantge :D

  8. 8 djera

    No it does work I got mine from the deal. Just go up with the stick and something else. Best Buy won’t let you walk out spending zero, but if you buy something else with the stick they will apply the coupon. Also be friendly with the employees, it never hurts.

  9. 9 digitalzer0

    I just tried it at my BB, I tried to do some friendly convincing but it didnt work. That one line that says as low as 19.99 after instant savings was the bane of my attempted purchase. I’m gunna try it again up in Michigan when I visit this weekend and try the “purchase something else theory.” I think they just dont like giving stuff away for free, even if it doesnt affect their bottom line.

  10. 10 Matt

    hey, djera, n e chance u work at best buy and u just want evil custmomers to treat u nice??? lol, just kidding , n e way, do n e of u no if this coupon works in canada, cuz i know that lloyd lives in canada but he nver posted if it works in canada, if u guys can leave me an answer that would be great


  11. 11 Jakanden

    The way it worked for me was going straight to customer service and saying “Do you honor this coupon?” and explained what the coupon said. They said “Let me talk to manager to confirm”. Managers then approved the coupon.

    I then took it to the desk with the stick and it caused the afformentioned storm and I said, your manger approved this already, please bring them over. I told the manager “You already approved this prior to me bringing this up here, it is not my fault that it makes it free.”

    They relented and I got it.

  12. 12 Luis

    Hey wheres the coupon at

  13. 13 Hobbs

    Well, the person I spoke to was the manager and he is the one who refused it…bummer

  14. 14 Jacob

    Well, I tried to get one yesterday. I went to three different stores. Two didn’t have them, while the third did. So I picked one up and went to the tech guy and asked him if I could just get it for free.

    He kinda chuckled and politely told me to shove it. It turns out that the “$19.99″ price everone is drooling over is AFTER the coupon has been used.

    That’s right! the original price was like $34.00 or something, and it has been marked storewide as 19.99 to save us all the trouble of bringing it in.

  15. 15 Coe

    Yea, I couldn’t put one over them either. They weren’t your average BestBuy employ… they looked average, but no, they had a brain among them. I even used the Jakanden Method (TM)! I went up to customer service, got the coupon approved, but when I took the card and coupon up to the cashier, they had a 2nd powwow and denied me.

    I have some serious karma issues, man.

  16. 16 ZephyrWest

    Best Buy is evil… they turned me down as well. I’m going to try at Circuit City though—hopefully they aren’t so stupid.

  17. 17 Coe

    Zephyr… Circuit City is selling them for $50… it’s only $21 at BestBuy with tax included…

  18. 18 Mulligans

    I read the coupon (a barcode on coupon would have helped) on Sandisk as well. Since it said as low as $19.99-24.99, I just purchased it @ Best Buy. Even though I already have (2) Sandisk 2GB sticks, I can use the 512MB for Homebrew, like Quake, Doom, NES and other stuff.

  19. 19 ZephyrWest


    Looks like I’m not getting a free 512MB MemoryStick than! Oh well, I have a 1GB so it’s not a huge deal… still ticks me off though. :)

  20. 20 Reply :: Free MS Duo 512 MB

    I’m going to try it out…Ill post if it works for me.

  21. 21 DFC222

    Guys, just save the coupon as a jpeg, go to paint and tamper it, cut off where it says up 19.99!
    Thats what i did!

  22. 22 Sirartorius

    i was already going to Best Buy to exchange my dad’s tablet that he bought because it was supposedly vista capable but when he tried to install the Vista beta, the installer said that it wouldn’t run it. Oh well, I tried it and it didn’t work, but I’ll try again with a combo of both the jakanden method and the “purchase something else theory” because I have an $80 gift card. I’ll probably get syphon filter, and the headset, maybe a 360 game instead.

  23. 23 Reply :: Free MS Duo 512 MB

    Did that work?

  24. 24 Mving_Trgt

    Didn’t work for this add kid…but i bought 3 512MB’s because of their great price! ima put a few movies on each one i guess lol

  25. 25 JameelT

    I went to Bestbuy up here in Michigan and they were like, “no we dont do that.” so i just like slammed the door in their face and just left. lol good for them. I knew it was too good to be true.

  26. 26 da O bomb

    for those of u who got it to work howd u do it

    im tryn it tomorrow

  27. 27 Coe

    You realize that using the above “doctored” coupon is called fraud and that you can be fined and/or put in jail for that, right?

  28. 28 ZephyrWest


    The doctored coupon is gone. He has already posted it once before but apparently he didn’t get the message when I deleted it.

  29. 29 dre

    I was able to get two memory sticks (about $40) and use the coupon, so i got two 512mb stick for about $15. I called and spoke to a manager before going to bestbuy.

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