PSP gamers invade subway

The PSP Nation meetup

It must have been an interesting spectacle as PSP gamers from all over New York City meet a subway. Judging by the pictures, they had a lot of fun as well. :)

While The PSP Nation regularly hosts weekly PSP meetups in New York, we decided to spread the love this week by taking the group on a ride south towards Coney Island in Brooklyn via the MTA’s D train, right in the middle of rush hour. We hoped that if anyone happened to be using their own PSP on the ride that they would join right in. We began by gathering up in the late afternoon at the Manhattan Mall, on 34th Street.

[via The PSP Nation]

2 Responses to “PSP gamers invade subway”

  1. 1 Tan Jia Wei

    i hope this meetings come out in Singapore soon as its rumored that many people with PSP hasbeen going to SOny and play games together there!

  2. 2 Wildoman

    It’s weird that PSP Nation has been doing this for quite sometime, and this is the only meet up the regular news sites are posting about it.

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