Gamespot has posted a great video retrospective of the first year of the PSP.

The PlayStation Portable (PSP) was released in the US on March 24, 2005, and was the first system that seemed poised to threaten Nintendo’s dominant Game Boy franchise in the handheld market.

The system doubles as a portable multimedia device allowing people to view pictures, music, and video–depending, of course, on the size of their memory stick. Sony has been using the system to support the UMD video format, for both movies and video games, although the UMD movies have been notoriously unsuccessful in the year since the PSP’s release.

A little more than a year after the system’s release, the GameSpot editors take a look back at what games they’ve enjoyed on the PSP, what they’re doing with their PSPs right now, and what they’d like to see out of the PSP’s future, either for the current hardware, or the next.

As with most of their other video features (NES Retrospective comes to mind), it is very enjoyable so give it a watch even if it does start out with a negative slant.

[via Gamespot]

8 Responses to “Video Tour Through The First Year Of The PSP”

  1. 1 Mitchyd

    They should have called this piece of garbage “Why We Hate The PSP!”

    They do nothing but trash it. DON’T WASTE YOUR TIME

  2. 2 sirartorius

    Linky no worky

  3. 3 MitchyD

    Good. It’s 15 minutes of “I HATE PSP PWN!”

  4. 4 Atharh

    Sorry, have to agree with some of the comments. Beautiful piece of kit with loads of potential, but I think it is crippled by lack of games that don’t take advantage of it’s features (i.e. infrastructure). Also it could be alot easier to transfer video which is what I use it for a lot these days. (i.e. whats with stupid filename conventions).

  5. 5 Bbad

    For a site that’s suppose to be unbais towards game consoles what a hack job, why make a feature just to bash a system, the psp has some cool games with more on the way. No wonder most PSP games reviewed on the site get a poor score, and why the PSP coverage is so lacking.

  6. 6 Jakanden

    As much as I love the PSP, I also agree with some of the comments. Specifically the future of the PSP and it’s use of UMD

  7. 7 Mitchyd

    No way man. What happened when Sony started using CD’s for games? That was a new gaming format, it caught on… UMD Movies are doomed, games, however will be fine.

  8. 8 Bbad

    Umd movies where doomed once people found out they could just put rip and convert movies to memory stick, but as a portable game format they are great and I hope they have a long life time. This idea that the next psp wont use umd but just have a hd for games and other media is just crazy. While more build in memory would be a plus, Umd’s for games and memory stick for extra storage are also cool.

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