MGS: Digital Graphic Novel Info

Metal Gear Solid: Digital Graphic Novel

New info on the interactive comic is in! The comic will follow the story of the original Metal Gear Solid with introductions of all the famous characters. I know what you’re all thinking, “But I know that story like the back of my hand!” Well, Kojima has said that this comic will give you the chance to find new interesting clues and secrets about the story that were previously unrevealed. The more I can find out about the story the better I say.

Any time during your viewing of the comic, you will be able to enter a different mode, dubbed Mental Search Mode, and get a closer look at main things in the panel, like weapons, characters, or areas. By selecting certain “Memory Elements” with the large cross hair you control in this mode, you gain them in Memory Builder mode, in which the elements connect other elements such as hearing a man talk about someone would connect the talker to the person they are talking about. This sounds like a very cool system to discover more about the MGS storyline.

The Comic is set for release next month, and will be rated M for blood, mild language, partial nudity, and violence.

[via IGN]

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  1. 1 PyroMatrix2k2

    If this turns out anything like the Silent Hill Experience interactive UMD, it is going to be drop dead amazing… Anyone who hasn’t purchased this yet and is a Silent Hill fan, you need to do so… like now. It will hold you off until this comes!

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