PSP case mod

PSP case mod

One of the guys over at broke his analogue stick while playing OutRun 2006 so he decided to buy a replacement part from PSP Tree. As you can probably tell, he did a little more than replace the analogue stick. Since his warranty was already void, he decided to replace the original black face plate with an über cool transparent blue face plate. He has written a three page article describing the process to help out any others who wish to do the same.

Thanks to Jakanden for the tip.


3 Responses to “PSP case mod”

  1. 1 Dr.Hookems

    I’m sorry I cant read british

  2. 2 Bbad

    Man it would be soo cool if Sony would makes different official faceplate that people could buy.

  3. 3 Matt

    yeah, i agree, but how the hell would we get em on withot bypassing sony’s warranty, think of all the issues lol

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