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Undiluted Platinum installedThe PSP community shook with excitement when the first PSP mod chip was revealed this week. Today, more information has been revealed about this amazing piece of circuitry including a picture of it installed inside a ceramic white PSP. The Undiluted Platinum will allow PSP users to effectively duel boot your PSP. The chip contains 32MB of its own internal NAND flash that can be flashed with previous firmware versions or custom firmware builds. This could allow users to run homebrew programs and still be able to play the latest PSP games—enjoying the best of both worlds.

The U.P. (Undiluted Platinum) is a flash replacement system for the PSP™ which allows the use of previous flash updates or custom firmware builds, opening up the possibility to run unsigned homebrew code on even the latest PSP systems. The U.P. contains 32MB NAND flash which is programmable from the PC via a high speed USB connection, using our user friendly software. You may boot the PSP from either its onboard flash or the flash contained on the U.P; the flash which is used is determined by a button press as the PSP is powered on (U.P. flash is used by default, hold L1 to use the PSP onboard flash). Since U.P. provides a secondary flash which the PSP can boot from, it can even be used to restore a PSP which has been “bricked”. Every effort has been made to make our flash updater software, which will be freely available for download, both as easy to use and reliable as possible. The software also contains diagnostics which can be used by installers to determine if an installation has been successful or not.

In order to maximise the benefits that U.P. can provide its users, we have decided to take an open source approach with U.P and will be releasing source code for any software we release as well as full documentation for the U.P. hardware interface – including information on how to control U.P. from within PSP programs. This will allow anybody to create software which can take advantage of what U.P. has to offer. We have also sent a few prototype units away to some of the scene’s best software hackers in order to give them a headstart at working on custom flash replacements – cant wait to see what people will come up with!

The package will have everything you need to install the mod chip properly and will be priced at $90 USD and 75 euros.

The only concern I have is that some people will undoubtedly take advantage of this chip and us it to pirate PSP games. Sony hasn’t been making firmware updates because it wants to quash homebrew, they’ve been making firmware patches because they want to stop the piracy of PSP games. If malicious hackers hadn’t created ISO loaders that allow people to play illegal ISOs of PSP games, Sony might have allowed homebrew to stay. Sure, the Undiluted Platinum will open doors for legitimate PSP homebrew developers to create new and amazing homebrew programs and games, but this could also open the door the PSP’s demise.

[via MaxConsole]

7 Responses to “More Undiluted Platinum info”

  1. 1 britblogger

    Since U.P. provides a secondary flash which the PSP can boot from, it can even be used to restore a PSP which has been “bricked”.


    life saver!

  2. 2 RB

    This is a great option for those who’d enjoy the benefits and advances in the Homebrew community but don’t want to stay at an old version of the PSP OS in order to do so. As long as the installation is simple, this is one mod I’ll be looking forward to buying and using.

  3. 3 dottk

    This is awsome for those of us who unfortunatly updated to 2.7 without thinking, the only part that i dont see is how to open the psp without damaging it

  4. 4 Pyro170

    I would be glad and happy to buy this mod chip ( has 2.71) and now i can run homebrew on my psp!!!!!

  5. 5 Gagino

    Ah, that tag is a tad overoriced but I’ll buy it to piraaa…suport the good coders who made it, and cuz my psp is bricked.

  6. 6 rimplestultskin

    ..just bricked my psp trying to install a themePSP1.1 skin with tPSP1.2

    and im broke, if only someone would buy me an UP or an MFM.

    stupid SCEA wont service japanese psps, so i cant even get sony to unbrick it.

  7. 7 Bill Nye

    Your face makes me cry…

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