There’s been an explosion of Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII screens and artwork flying around the web. However, none of the screen shots look like they are from actual gameplay. Most of them appear to be from pre-rendered cut scenes.

[via The Magic Box]

9 Responses to “Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII screens and artwork”

  1. 1 MelBadel

    OMG!!! is this for ps2? if it is i really want it… even if it is in japanese and never comes out in english.

  2. 2 Austin

    Where can i see the trailer for FFVII Crisis Core PSP? I cant find it anywhere.

  3. 3 Faintest Fusion

    This is for PSP MelBadel…

  4. 4 bradelbum

    i love ff7, the best game EVER!!! it just really sucks that they only made a techdemo for the ps3 and aint bringing it out!!!!
    crisis core looks amazing!!!, cloud, zack and sephiroth on one team!!!!!

  5. 5 Fullmetalsasukefreak

    Aww, I wish this was for the ps2, I can’t find a copy of FFVII anywhere, :( I can’t get it online, -__-

  6. 6 Zack

    I Got Final Fantasy VII on ps1 and Final Fantasy VII is coming out on PS3 now they’ve officially decided to remake it i saw an interview with the MAN last night yey Crisis Core Looks swav and will be in english

  7. 7 Alan hanrahan

    I think that you should be able to explore to whole of gaia agian and that they should keep the same battle system because that rocked with just a little bit of new stuff to the
    battle and a great story also they sholud keep the materia the same a no tweeks square enix

  8. 8 deathnoteeyes

    This game was made for PSP and is supposed to come out in english sometime in the future. When, dunno, but the game demo for the supposed “remake” of Final Fantasy VII was just part of the ending of Crisis Core. Sad I know but we can only hope. Now you all know the truth…

  9. 9 bradelbum

    austin, check out!!!

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