First mod chip anounced

Undiluted PlatinumA mod chip called the “Undiluted Platinum” is slated to be released sometime in the near future. The mod chip is designed to fit inside your PSP and will act as a flash replacement system for your PSP. This opens up the possibility of downgrading to and from any firmware version, and even custom firmware. This means that PSP gamers will finally be able to run all their favorite homebrew apps and still be able to play all the latest games. No price or installation procedure has been released.

More information about the Undiluted Platinum has been revealed.

[via MaxConsole]

13 Responses to “First mod chip anounced”

  1. 1 tbone92

    Sweet. I want that chip.

  2. 2 NUclearD3

    Hell’s Yeah!!! I’LL hit that. Sorry been wating to do that. But this might be a really pain to install.

  3. 3 Brian

    Excellent News i bet Sony will be pissed off

  4. 4 dicer999

    I bet this will be really hard to install like the psp 2 tv or whatever it’s called. If it works well and is easy to install, i think it will sell well. i dont think i will but one myself because i want my garantee.

  5. 5 nomad

    know that is cool.

  6. 6 Brandon F

    This is one of the best news that I’ve heard. Now I don’t have to worry about upgrading my PSP.

  7. 7 Rion23

    Man, this is goring to be so cool. If its fairley straight forward and dosent stickoff it like the PSP 2 TV then ill get it. I got my PSP at launch so my warentee is all ready up.

  8. 8 Matt

    yo , guys what happens if sony comes up with some huge and major kick ass firmware shit and sony will only allow peeps without that chip 2 use it, think about it, sony has been smart enough to bypass us hackers and give us enough hell as it is, for me, i dont think it would be a good idea 2 get that chip……… think about it guys, its like telling kids dont do drugs, its bad for you :P

  9. 9 RySal

    Matt, it will more than likely have an enable/disable switch on it like most mod chips do. It’ll re-route the signal to it’s own chip when enabled, and to the PSP’s when disabled giving you the best of both worlds.

  10. 10 riny

    stelletje gekken dan ben je egt getoort als je dat doet wagt dan gewoon op een goeie downgrade noobs

  11. 11 RySal

    @ riny: Before your post, this was last active JUNE 6th. A little under a month before the downgrade was possible.

  12. 12 =P

    You are all pieces of shits get a life

  13. 13 dont mess wit da cleveland steamer


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