Metareview: Field Commander

Field Commander Box ArtField Commander generated a lot of hype when it was first announced. Its similarity to Advanced Wars is probably one of the main factors for all the hype. Many gamers loved Advanced Wars for its simple gameplay and cartoon-ish graphics. Of coarse, when all the Advanced Wars lovers such as myself heard that Sony Online Entertainment was going to be releasing a game similar to Advanced Wars for the PSP with beefed up graphics, we patiently waited for it to be released. Field Commander plays very much like Advanced Wars; players take turns attacking each other with their respective armies until one loses. But Field Commander takes this simple concept to the next level with a full 3D battlefield with three planes of battle. Perhaps even more importantly, SOE added infrastructure gaming into the mix. Players all around the world can battle each other and see how they ranked among everyone else. The idea looks good on paper but how does it fair in reality?

Official U.S. Playstation Magazine: 100
Turn-based strategy doesn’t get any better than this. [May 2006, p.97]

IGN: 84
It offers enough depth and flexibility to warrant a look from any serious gamer. It blends an engrossing single-player campaign with great production values and a robust set of multiplayer options.

Play Magazine: 90
If it’s combat you crave, Field Commander won’t disappoint. [may 2006, p.59]

Electronic Gaming Monthly: 78
Field Commander isn’t bad. It just lacks “Advance Wars’” energy and verve, leaving you with a game in traditional military drag with solid but uncompelling gameplay.[June 2006, p.118]

[via Metacritic]

2 Responses to “Metareview: Field Commander”

  1. 1 Paradoxe Persistant

    There are few games that I ever need to play.

    This is one of those games.

  2. 2 Red Zeppelin

    This is one of those rare games for which I might actually pay full price instead of waiting for a used copy.

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