Crisis Core update

The latest issue of the Japanese gaming magazine, Famitsu, has an update on the much anticipated Crisis Core: Final Fantasy VII. The main character won’t be Cloud this time around. Instead, the player will play as Cloud’s close comrade Zack who died in the original game while trying to kill Sephiroth. Famitsu also pointed out that Angeal will make an appearance.

Of coarse, Sephiroth will be in the game as will Tseng. Sephiroth is the main villain as usual and Tseng is the a high ranking officer among the Turks.

The game will play out just like a regular role-playing game. However, Director Hajime Tabata did note that it will feature a different gameplay system that is still being tweaked for balance. Supposedly this new gameplay system will make Crisis Core different from what you would expect.

[via IGN]

10 Responses to “Crisis Core update”

  1. 1 Mitchyd

    A game you can’t win, hmm?

    Shit, I’ll play it.

  2. 2 Foxx

    O.o will they go untill he dies?

  3. 3 Brian

    Theres a FF game for the PSP 0.o i never knew….. now i do!

  4. 4 Vander

    Are those gamplay or cutsene graphics for the picture. Theyre awesome

  5. 5 Kb

    that looks mad … i have always liked this story cant wait…. vincent is the best charater cant wait for his game to come out in uk…. no this ones looks cool…

    Yea that funny a Game you cant win…. mint gotta play it

  6. 6 UkRaiNeR

    nice FF for PSP … ^_^

  7. 7 Paradoxe Persistant

    Cloud has always been a great character, but he would be nothing without Zach.

    Actually, Cloud was never really a SOLDIER. He just had Zach’s memories. XD

  8. 8 johnXD

    actually he was a soldier he was one of the grunts standing at the side XD

  9. 9 Sefiroth

    (Dont Complain about my name i spelled it like that on purpose) DoC:FF7 will so own the PS2 but CC:FF7 will own PSP sux the weapon u start off with is a cheap midget sword i dont think u get Buster till like getting 98 percent done which beyond that will show when Zakc is in the truck with Cloud and stuff what a sad thing to behold Zack was a cool dude its Clouds fault he died :’( KILL CLOUD!!! and jack his cell and Motorcycle…

  10. 10 mr skin

    What game is more fun, Final Fantasy or Warcraft? I’ve seen WOW, but never tried FF.

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