Welcome to the new PGR!

I’d like to take this opportunity to welcome you all to the new and improved PGRevolution.com! After launching WiiSpot.com and having a blast both with the site, and the look… we decided to bring aspects of that site to here.

We hope you like the new look as much as we do, please feel free to leave your comments about it!

There are more interesting things in store for PGR, so keep your eyes peeled! And for those of you that thought the lack of posts here was due to the site dying… you now know why we’ve been so quiet :)

24 Responses to “Welcome to the new PGR!”

  1. 1 Mariachi

    It looks as cool as the one b4 :D:D

  2. 2 digitalzer0

    It’s a little less colorful, which could be a good and bad thing. I prefer a little more though. The banner at the top could afford to be a little smaller. For someone with a smaller resolution it takes up about 33% of the front page and has you scrolling down for most of the content on the site which could be a real turn off for some new folks. I like that it matches Wiispot, but I’m just bugged by the banner :P

    Other than that, the fact that comments are easier to post and the navigation is pretty nice are good improvements. I assume that the forum will be changed to this design soon as well.

    A little bland to look at but functional. Thanks for the work on the site!


  3. 3 Brian

    Wicked very clean and nice.

  4. 4 britblogger

    I like it, although there is some noticable speed drag due to the new image in the header.

    Overall, it feels fresh – a great improvement. I like how it automatically logs me into the comments section too – nice.

  5. 5 Dasme

    Thanks for the comments guys. I’ll look at slimming down the header, but realistically we don’t have much to play with because of the featured item box.

    I’ll see what I can do though :)

  6. 6 Michael

    Quite nice. I always thought that Wiispot had a much better look than the original pgrevolution. Ill inform you of any problems that I find.

  7. 7 Brian

    oh and it takes a bit longer to load :(

  8. 8 Brad

    Great job on the new site!

  9. 9 Mving_Trgt

    I LIKE IT! its really cool!

  10. 10 Bbad

    The new look is cool keep it up and thanks!

  11. 11 Dread Prophet

    Simply stunning! Wiispot did make the original PGR look quite dated – now that PGR has been broght in line, it looks fantastic.

    The featured article box is cool as is the header with new PGR logo and psp image.

    A great improvement all-round

    Well done Das & Zeph

  12. 12 Mitchyd

    Caught me off guard, but now it matches WiiSpot, and has a little more flavor to it…I guess.

  13. 13 Zed

    The space between the columns could be a tad wider and/or a faint line to seperate the two? Also i dont know if there’s meant to be images to the left of the “Featured Articles” bit, but dosent show on my browser (Firefox). I’ll check it on Safari and IE later in case thas the prob.

    Looks good apart from that.

  14. 14 ZephyrWest


    This is what the header should look like in Firefox: LINK

  15. 15 digitalzer0


    I dont have that little site admin button on my page. Can you fix that? :P

    I came home and the header got bigger but I notice a bit more colors now with the orange and what not. Still looks good but are there no longer links to recent posts from the forums like before? I rather enjoyed that.

    (PS thanks for fixing the comment bug :> )

  16. 16 Coded_one

    Nice set up dude, it makes me wonder what eles you have in store for us.

  17. 17 Zed

    Cheers ZephyrWest; it works fine at home on Firefox and Safari, but work dosent show the images (Dungeon Seige on your link). So my problem not Dasmes.

    Would a tab on the top to the Podcasts be useful?

  18. 18 JB

    WOOT! this look really cool nice JOB!!!

  19. 19 tomw820

    Hi, i like the new look! One problem though, pgoz.com doesnt seem to be working…..

  20. 20 Brandon


  21. 21 Foxx

    like it but took me a while to find the comments >.>

  22. 22 ZephyrWest

    Hehe, thanks for the compliments guys. You guys just wait, we still have a few more really cool features planned. :P

  23. 23 Wildoman

    Hey, I meant to post this a while ago but Congradulations on your new site design, I liked the old one, but I like this design a bit better!!

    PS: I’m excited to see if the pgoz.com get’s re-done :>:>

  24. 24 Sean Cody

    Lol that is sooo true :)

    So just between you and me, go on, tell us what you really think ;)

    Sean Cody

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