PiMP Streamer v0.5

PiMPStreamerDickyDick1969 has released an update to his homebrew app, PiMPStreamer! PiMPStreamer v0.5 allows you to stream videos from your PC to your PSP over a wireless connection. This new version is a huge improvement over previous releases because “PiMP” videos now stream at their original frame rate. That’s right, full speed streaming video straight to your PSP from your PC. Visit DickyDick1969′s website if you have any questions.

Download PiMPStreamer

[via PSP Updates]

10 Responses to “PiMP Streamer v0.5”

  1. 1 Relentles

    will this work with any frimware?

  2. 2 HAXE

    Yea it will.

  3. 3 Aj

    when i download the files to my psp/game file but it always appears as corrupt file on my psp

  4. 4 Aj

    does it matter which update you have for the psp??

  5. 5 Oli

    I could only get it to work with 1.50 firmware. There is also a newer version available, v0.77 available from http://pimpware.org

  6. 6 Aj

    would i be able to downgrade from 3.10 to whatever version i need?

  7. 7 shamnex

    would pimpstreamer be able to stream video url?

  8. 8 Vanamonde

    You also need to disable WPA-PSK if you are using that form of wifi encryption on your router as Pimpstreamer only works with WEP or no wifi security connections.

  9. 9 jayo83

    how exactly would i dissable the wpa-psk on my sky wireless router.
    i realy want to try this app out but every time i try to test my connection it gets stuck on conection state 3 of 4.

    …….psp rules……..

  10. 10 jayo83

    ok iv figured out how to change the security settings on my wireless router to wap,and i still cant get it to work.
    iv also downdated from 303 oec to 1.5,but it still wont work.
    iv heard that i might need to open port 3333 on something(my pc or wireless router).
    how would i do that?

    ……….psp rules………….

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