Silent Hill Origins

We finally have details on the Silent Hill PSP game. Origins was at E3 this year, and is set for release this winter.

You play as a truck driver passing through Silent Hill, Travis O’Grady. A few of the characters that are returning to the game are Dahlia, Dr. Kaufman and Alessa, and each will have some questions answered in the game. The game, of course, will not answer all the questions in the series, but will give you a sense of the twisted town’s history.

Origins will have a new camera system designed for the PSP which is supposed to make the player more aware, and will also have new “cineractive” moments, intense cinematics where you make Travis dodge or attack in relation to what is going on in the cinematic. The game brings back many of the classic monsters, and looks promising in the fear department.

This game is for sure on my must-buy list, I loved all the console games.

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  1. 1 mike

    sounds sexy as hell so far. the screens look great too.

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