Dungeon Siege PSP Bound

Looks like 2K games is bringing a version of the popular series, Dungeon Siege, to the PSP. I’m a *huge* fan of this series so I’m pretty stoked at this announcement.


Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony for the PSP system is an all-new adventure, created from the ground up specifically for the handheld system. Dungeon Siege: Throne of Agony features all-new playable characters and a freshly designed, non-linear, single player campaign as well as support for Ad Hoc co-operative and competitive multiplayer games.


  • 4 unique characters to choose from – Characters can be customized as they level up into 8 different Hero Classes and then even further into 16 Legendary Classes
  • Player can choose from over 16 different Pets and Companions to play with. Gameplay will encourage the player to constantly switch between unique Pets and Companions to use their special powers.
  • Face over 100 monsters including well known monsters from the Dungeon Siege world as well as many new creatures.
  • Multiplayer Cooperative Campaign allows you to play with a friend. Each player can bring a Pet or Companion adding up to a four party experience.
  • Multiplayer Battle Arenas allow a concise, fun party experience for players who don’t have time for a full campaign.
  • 15 hours of gameplay with 2 different modes Mercenary and Elite
  • Over 100 stunning spells and abilities
  • Tons of powerful weapons and armor – all fully enchantable
  • Flying and naval vehicles that allow access to remote areas of the game world.

9 Responses to “Dungeon Siege PSP Bound”

  1. 1 Bbad

    Wow this is great new the PSP is in real need of some good RPG’s in the States, if this game lives up to the past DS game then I’ll be very happy.

  2. 2 Enkei Xpress

    I’m with you there all the way m8!

  3. 3 Red Zeppelin

    15 hours? I know it’s a handheld game, but doesn’t that seem a little on the short side?

  4. 4 yonder

    how will they put dungeon siege, a game known for it’s complete lack of loading screens, on a platform that is best known for it’s obscene amount of loading screens? (seriously… 6minutes of load screens?)

  5. 5 Sah'Rhyce

    What has 6 minute loading screens??????

  6. 6 Benedict

    im with red zeppelin, 15 hours of gameplay is nothing for an rpg, especially for something like dungeon siege, tales of eternia has allready clocked 20 hours from me, and i get the impression from the story im no where near completion, maybe they need to re think that one.

  7. 7 Benedict

    however please dont get me wrong out of all the upcoming psp games due for release, this is my most eagerly anticipated title.

  8. 8 Volcom

    so is this basically untold legends?

  9. 9 Mephit

    Yea, untold legends and a bunch of the other ones too.

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