Airports Vending PSP’s

Zoom shop at the airport

Joystiq has posted an interesting picture for us all to look at. It’s a picture of a “Zoom Shop” they found at an airport. Apparently, its a vending machine that offers some some really neat gadgets including iPods, accessories, Nintendo Game Boys Advance SP’s, and Sony PSP’s. The PSP is sold at $249.99 so there isn’t really any advantage to buying it through a Zoom Shop other than convenience, but it is kind of interesting to see.

[via Joystiq]

2 Responses to “Airports Vending PSP’s”

  1. 1 Mving_Trgt

    i have a real big interest in seeing these things, just cant find them anywhere, or the fact that i dont look for them….hey, do you think there are anyin there with FW’s 1.0 or 1.5?

  2. 2 W J

    FW 1.5 ….. ummm …… NO.

    But, Adam at Maccast mentioned this (with respect to the ipod) … or maybe he mentioned something similar … anyway, the interesting thing is: great! now you have a PSP. But no games? Unless they sell a package deal in the vendor … but still, I think I (and all the others out there who are not multi millionaires) would have purchased this in advance, with some thought process, rather than bought a magazine, got a slice of pizza, and a PSP.

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