Bookr 0.7.0

I can’t believe I missed this release. An update to Bookr, my favorite homebrew of all time, was released last month. This update brings loads of new features that I’ve been begging for and fixes a few bugs. The PDF rendering is a lot faster and the scrolling is much more smooth. I’m truly excited about this release.

New features:

  • New toolbar interface, use the SELECT key to enable it.
  • New bookmark system.
  • Support for non-DRM PalmDoc/Mobipocket files (PDB/PRC extension.)
  • Text-only support for basic HTML files.
  • Screen rotation.
  • New zoom options for PDF files.
  • CPU and bus speed options.
  • Option to disable page numbering labels.
  • Option to invert PDF colors and to change out of bounds margin color.
  • Added display of battery charge and clock to menu and toolbar.
  • Fixed last folder viewing in the filechooser.
  • Fixed centering in both PDF rendering modes.

Download Bookr 0.7.0 for 1.50
Download Bookr 0.7.0 for 1.00

2 Responses to “Bookr 0.7.0”

  1. 1 Xpto69

    Just great.
    I saw a post that mentioned it would run on original 2.0 firmware.
    Is it true?

  2. 2 kevin

    can i run it with 3.90 m33 ?

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