WiiSpot.com launches!

If you’ve been listening to the podcast at all you will know that I am a Nintendo fanboy. I’ve been closely following all the information on the Nintendo Revolution, but late last week Nintendo shocked the world when it revealed the final name of it’s next system… the Wii

It’s in celebration of that name that I’ve started a Nintendo Wii news site, WiiSpot.com.

Wii will strive to bring you all the Wii news that is fit to post, similar to what we do here on PGRevolution. I’ve also started a Wii themed forum there, so if you have a hankering to talk Wii.. please come over and join in the fun!

Check it out: WiiSpot.com

Wii will be waiting!

Thanks to ZephyrWest, LAXDefence38, Dex and Slayer for all their help getting the site up so quickly!

9 Responses to “WiiSpot.com launches!”

  1. 1 AMH9

    Does this mean your PSP covrage will stop or slow down???

  2. 2 ZephyrWest

    PGRevolution will still be updated. Nothing will change here. :)

  3. 3 Dasme

    Nope, no changes will happen here on on the PSP podcast. There will just be another site out there for you guys to get your info.

  4. 4 Joseph

    You should also include the Nintendo DS and Game Boy coverage to make a uber Nintendo site lol

  5. 5 iAlta

    Will there be a Wiicast?

  6. 6 Brian

    A wii podcast would rock but i don’t think he will do it because the psp podcast it enough and he now has a baby to look after.

  7. 7 Joseph

    Unless he can get someone else to do it

  8. 8 iAlta

    yeah… someone like you, Joseph? Is that what you are fishing after?

  9. 9 Coded One

    Hey Lloyd love the site man, you just keep amazing me.

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