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Quite a bit of information regarding the first PSP title in The Getaway franchise hit today. The first bit is that SCEA announced today that the game will indeed be coming stateside later this year. This is good news for those who were looking at this game because it was originally only slated for Europe.

Gamespot has also posted a video interview with Associate Producer Ryan Eames, as well as three gameplay movies.

Lastly, both IGN and Gamespot have posted new screenshots of the game.

Gangs of London is being developed by SCEE’s own London Studio, and is an all-new spin-off title taking the setting of the Getaway franchise and tweaking them to provide a new gameplay experience. In the game, you play as one of five gangs as you attempt to take over the underworld.

Gangs has a Q4 2006 release date for both Europe and the US.

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  1. 1 andrew

    This game seemms preety cool I mean ill take it and put it on my bagel with some cream chease and chow down. If it’s like the getaway I hope it’s not as ahrd because I might end up tossing my psp across the room. Thats why there is a safety strap. The white thing.

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