Play a PSP Against a DS

Flagon over at the DSWifi forums has created a homebrew application that allows a Nintendo DS to play against a Sony PSP in a game of Tic-Tac-Toe.


I just somewhat finished my first DS app. Thanks to El_Hobito’s PA_Lib Wifi Setup App, I was able to quickly code something up..

I had to do this for a school project, and I got enough done for that.. The code is really messy, and all IPs are hardcoded.. I am not sure when or if I’ll actually finish it, but it does work..

So you can check it out, and play tic tac toe using WIFI. On my site I also posted the PSP code too, so you can play a game against someone with a psp!

The homepage for this application is here.

Looks pretty interesting. Unfortunately, I do not know anyone with a DS so I couldn’t test it out myself. As you can see above, Flagon admits that the code is messy and he may not even finish it. Either way, this is still an awesome development!

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2 Responses to “Play a PSP Against a DS”

  1. 1 tony orielly

    well done,great effort,remember that tou started the concept.will be great for gamers once the utility is worked up

  2. 2 Kudou

    Any idea if someone is currently working on this?
    I’m interested in expanding the capabilites..but I’d rather not waste time if someone has tackled it further than t-t-t and beyond, you know?

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