Firmware 2.70 Available in Japan Tomorrow

In an official Press Release at the Japanese Playstation website, Sony has announced that PSP firmware version 2.70 will be available tomorrow (April 25th) in Japan. There is no word on a release in the US at this time.



The official update page has the details on what is being added with this new firmware.

* “Internet Browser” now supports the playback of Macromedia Flash contents. *To play these contents, the feature must be activated in the PSP “System Settings.” *Macromedia Flash Player 6 is featured.
* Added “Connection Settings” to “Settings” in “Internet Browser.”
* Audio contents registered under “RSS Channels” can now be saved to a “Memory Stick Duo.”
* Added “Automatic” to “Rate Change” of the “LocationFree Player.”

* Added AAC to the supported listed of file extensions for playback.

* Added “Activate Macromedia Flash Player” to “System Settings.”
* Added Simplified Chinese and Traditional Chinese to “Display Language” in “System Settings.”
* Added “RSS Channel Settings.”
* Added “UMD Video L and R Buttons” to “Video Settings.”

* Resolved issues when using “Memory Stick PRO Duo” with over 2GB of free space. *As of 4/24, the issues do not arise when using “Memory Stick PRO Duo” from Japan.

As you can see, the big addition this time around is the Macromedia Flash Player. It appears to be a pretty decent update this time around and not just some security patch as some of them turn out to be.

Again, there is no word on a US release date for this firmware but rest assured, it is coming.

(Via PSP-Vault)

5 Responses to “Firmware 2.70 Available in Japan Tomorrow”

  1. 1 andrew

    First post!!!!! The update didn’t live up to it’s hype. 3.0 will be better

    Uwe Boll rocks

  2. 2 ZephyrWest

    I would be excited if it was Flash Player 7 or something but since it’s only 6 I’m not. Flash 6 was before Macromedia introduced ActionScript 2.0 so it renders most of the current Flash content unusable on the PSP. :(

  3. 3 Sethran

    Think they went with Flash 6 so people couldn’t use the new video streaming technologies of the more recent Flash iterations? The main reason I’m not upgrading any time soon is that I don’t want to loose my full screen XVID playback.

  4. 4 dicer999

    gosh, whats the point in putting 6 on there when 8 is out………… its good tho as you can stream video

  5. 5 tomw820

    Is the release date for firmware the same in europe as the US?

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