Downloadable LocoRoco Sample

According to IGN, Sony has announced plans to offer a downloadable demo of the upcoming LocoRoco off of the official website (Japanese).

Starting tomorrow, you will be able to go to the website on your PC, download the demo to your PSP Memory Stick (via USB sync) and then play the Demo. The download will require you have the newly announced 2.7 Firmware which will also be available tomorrow in Japan.

There is no word on if the Demo will hit the US site or even if the game will for sure be hitting state-side (although it is speculated it will be). The game has a Japanese release date of December 31, 2006, and a European release date of sometime Summer 2006.

1 Response to “Downloadable LocoRoco Sample”

  1. 1 Chad

    When are the PSP Downloadspots coming already???????

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