Podcasts on hold for a bit

Hey guys, just wanted to let you know that the PSP and PGR podcasts will be on hold for a little bit. Cara and I had our baby yesterday, April 12th at 11:25am. Baby Nick is doing well as are his loving parents. I’ll be taking a short break frm the podcasts and site to spend some quality time with my new son and also to help Cara out.

Regular podcast episodes should pick up again mid-late next week, and i’ll be sure to cover anything important that went on in the PSP world while I was taking a break.

Have a listen to my baby announcement

20 Responses to “Podcasts on hold for a bit”

  1. 1 Ranman67

    Congrats on finally haveing the baby.

  2. 2 portable mind

    Welcome NIck! Is that short for Nicholas? I hope you get some sleep Lloyd

  3. 3 AwRy108

    Congratulations! *hands out cigars to everyone*

    Glad to hear everyone’s healthy–best of luck with your new family :-)

  4. 4 calbearfan

    Congratulations Lloyd, Cara and Nick! Glad baby and mom are healthy. Take your time getting back to the podcast — your loyal listeners will still be here.

  5. 5 Retman

    Congrats Lloyd and cara.

  6. 6 DVUS

    CONGRATULATIONS Cara, Bundle of joy baby boy Nick and Lloyd. I hope everyone is healthy and well, looking forward to hearing all three of you when your all good and reay.

  7. 7 W J

    Cara and Lloyd:

    Relax and enjoy your new family. God bless you both, and take this time, away from the podcast, to cherish Nick.

    “Enjoy the little things, for one day, you may look back and realize they were the big things” – Robert Brault.

  8. 8 kndy

    Congratulations Cara and Lloyd. Remember to get that needed sleep when the baby sleeps. – kndy

  9. 9 Bbad

    Congratulation! Enjoy this time with your Baby we’ll be fine until you get back, remember to sleep when the baby sleep and enjoy this time to Bonds with your child.

  10. 10 Joggl

    Congratulations from Germany!
    Take your time, relax and enjoy! Nothing beats real life!

  11. 11 ZooBOI

    Congradtulations Cara and Lloyd……..Welcome to the world Nicky. Be sure to get some rest….

  12. 12 MitchyD

    Way to go! I’m happy for yas!

  13. 13 EastBayAnt

    Yay! Congrats!

  14. 14 Tom

    Congrats Lloyd and Cara, I’m sure you are very tired now so go get some rest, and welcome to the world Nick! Its so good to hear that Nick is well and healthy (as well as Cara!). Take care

  15. 15 Squareloop

    Congrats to you both, I’m sure you are both very proud and very happy. All the best to young Nick.

    Train up a child in the way he should go and when he is old he will not depart from it. Wisdom from the Word

  16. 16 SLaDE

    Hey Congrats on the new baby. Very glad to hear everyone is healthy and doing good.

  17. 17 mrsmiley

    awesome man. i was praying for you both and the baby. that’s so great! looking forward to some pics!

  18. 18 Southern

    Congratulations on the new sprogglet, Lloyd!

  19. 19 arturo

    ey congrats on the newborn.

  20. 20 GW

    Congratulations mate. I’m sure you’ll make great parents being the funny, light-hearted and hard-working people that you seem to be.

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