Sony 4GB Memory Stick For $279.90

The newest Lik-Sang Product alert has revealed that the Sony Memory Stick PRO Duo 4GB is now available for pre-order at $279.90 and will ship in June 2006.

10 Responses to “Sony 4GB Memory Stick For $279.90”

  1. 1 Dr.Hookems

    wasnt there 1 for 133$ on amazon or somthing

  2. 2 Ranman67

    Ya there was one for 133$ but i dont remember were.

  3. 3 Jakanden

    It was on and got pulled because it was listed incorrectly. Anyone who ordered it got an email saying that it would not be honored =)

  4. 4 dimplemonkey

    Wasn’t there a reported 8GB stick somewhere? Anyway, I will wait until the prices go down.

  5. 5 Bbad

    There’s was reports of an 8GB stick but it’s for later this year, I hope the prices go down they should the one GB stick have dropped alot.

  6. 6 dex

    not care about the price it 4GB!!! nice one :) a hell of alot more space then the 1GB that im using

  7. 7 zach

    ur telling me uve never seen this b4

  8. 8 zach
  9. 9 Ranman67

    zach theres a diference between a 4 gig hardrive and a 4 gig memory card lol

  10. 10 Flava-Sava

    how much do u think the 8 gig stick will b 4

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