Real vs. Fake Memory Sticks

PSP Updates (via PCPOP) has posted an article detailing the differences between genuine memory sticks and fake ones.

One of the most interesting things about the article however was this:

The lady in the Sony CS center replied him “Your (fake) memory stick is genuine, maybe you need to switch to another card reader.” after he asked about his (fake) card not recognized by his computer. So, can we assume that even Sony cannot tell if the memory stick is real or fake?

While the article itself is in another language, PSP Updates has a translated summary and screenshots. Good read for anyone who buys Memory sticks off of places like Ebay.

4 Responses to “Real vs. Fake Memory Sticks”

  1. 1 devilish_boy

    That article is not in Japanese…it’s in Chinese…

  2. 2 Jakanden

    Sue me – I don’t speak or read either =)

  3. 3 ZephyrWest

    Screw Sony, get Sandisk Memory Sticks. :)

  4. 4 devilish_boy

    Was just pointing it out =)
    Read the original article and it may be interesting to note that the fake memory stick worked in his sony digital camera and psp but not his sandisk reader, and there was no difference in transfer speed between the fake and the real MS.

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