3 new Sony Media Recorders

Akihabara News is reporting that Sony has announced 3 new HDD and DVD Media Recorders: the RDZ-D97A (400GB), the 77A (250GB) and the 87 (250GB).

The best news is that you can connect your PSP to these Media Recorders and record straight onto the gaming console and since all 3 models are DLNA compliant, you will be able to connect them to your LAN to share files on other products.

4 Responses to “3 new Sony Media Recorders”

  1. 1 Dr.Hookems

    this would be great but iv only got a 256 gig card

  2. 2 Chad

    You can score a 2GB card on eBay for 80 bucks, I did- it is so worth it!

  3. 3 dex

    CLASS!!! finaly something so that we can plug the psp in 2 a T.V.

  4. 4 dimplemonkey

    How ironic that there is nothing that you can record on a UMD!

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