Genesis UMD Launcher 2.6

The fine folks over at ProjectPSP have released a niftly little app for us 1.50 users to play 2.60 only PSP games. Genesis UMD Launcher is based on Run UMD which is designed to do the same thing. So far they’ve tested five games, four of which work with Genisis Launcher.


  • FIFA Street 2
  • Key of Heaven
  • Death Jr.
  • Generation of Chaos

Not working:

  • Splinter Cell Essentials

Download Genesis UMD Launcher 2.6

7 Responses to “Genesis UMD Launcher 2.6”

  1. 1 Marco

    hi it also works with winning eleven 9 i check it myself

  2. 2 Steve

    Great program. Street Fighter Alpha 3 MAX (PAL) works but no saves and no wireless.

  3. 3 Kyle S.

    will this program also let me load my UMDs that dont require such a high version of firmware ex. GripShift, Mercury, Frantix, Coded Arms?

  4. 4 sid.m

    Does not seem to work with Fifa 2006 world cup.

  5. 5 steveyee

    hi, anyone try to play viewtiful joe red hot rumble umd on psp 1.5v or not ? cause i try to use 2.6 launcher but can’t …. how what should i do ? i have the umd but can’t play it , too bad, pls held …..tq

  6. 6 yandaman

    hi can any1 tell me how to get fifa street 2 umd to work please as i just get a black screen with this thanks

  7. 7 oliver666

    syphon filter and tombraider dont work, i want to buy und but i dont wont to upgrade my 1.50, am i doing it wrong or is there another app to run 2.60 umds??? pls help.

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