X-Flash v7

X-Flash v7

Art from PSP Updates has released his own personal firmware modifier. It’s goal is to allow users to quickly apply firmware hacks that modify the firmware.

X-Flash is a firmware modification program written primarily for my own use. I wanted a way to quickly apply newly discovered firmware hacks, and to automate the process of customising any new 1.50 PSP units that I might purchase in the future. Not all of the firmware modifications performed by this program are my own, but I use all of these modifications permanently on my own PSP units. The X-Flash program has followed a logical progression, and now features some firmware tools that I did not consider when I started the program.


  • Registry backup and restore tool
  • Firmware dump tool
  • Customer font option
  • Firmware version edit tool

As always, homebrew programs that modify the flash memory like X-Flash have the potential to brick your PSP and render it useless so be careful and read all the instructions.

2 Responses to “X-Flash v7”

  1. 1 W J

    so why would I want to use this … if there is “right up front” brick potential?

  2. 2 ZephyrWest

    Pros: does cool/interesting stuff
    Cons: possibility of bricking your PSP

    Its for the user to decide whether s/he wants to risk bricking his or her PSP.

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