Thrustmaster WiFi USB Key for PSP

Thrustmaster has announced the release of their WiFi USB Key for PSP yesterday. This WiFi USB key plugs into your PC and provides your PSP wireless access without the need of a WiFi Router. The full press release is below.

Thrustmaster, New York, April 3, 2006 — Today is a good day for Playstation Portable™ owners everywhere. Thrustmaster, the PC and video game accessories manufacturer, announces the release of its WiFi USB Key for PSP™ FunAccess. This year the PSP is expanding its catalog of online, multiplayer games and Thrustmaster has the perfect solution for gamers without WiFi internet access.

Now you can play online and surf the Web on your PSP, wirelessly and from the comfort of your own home.

The latest product from Thrustmaster is a USB WiFi adapter* which plugs into your computer connected to the Internet via a modem. WiFi USB key for PSP FunAccess provides PSP consoles with wireless Internet and online gaming access and without requiring a wireless router.

“Sony®’s portable console is a fantastic gaming machine which can be connected to the Web via its WiFi system. Thrustmaster has created this new accessory to enable all gamers who don’t have a WiFi system at home to get the most from their console’s online capabilities, from anywhere at home and wire-free,” said Bertrand Gasnier, Wireless Product Development Manager for Thrustmaster.

Maximum simplicity for maximum fun

In practical terms, all you need is a PC connected to the Internet (512k minimum via USB line connected Modem or Ethernet card). Connect the Thrustmaster Wi-Fi USB Key via the USB port and your PC becomes a real WiFi router.

Installing FunAccess on your PC and configuring the PSP couldn’t be easier, thanks to the special software which takes users through a brief step-by-step set-up process. The installation has been specially designed to recognize Internet connections automatically, whatever the modem used, whether USB or Ethernet. FunAccess was developed using the Hercules brand’s expertise, which has an outstanding reputation for the simplicity and quality of its WiFi peripherals for PC.

Surfing the net, playing other gamers around the world and downloading audio, image or video files directly to your portable console is so simple and straightforward you can start using the PSP to its full potential immediately. You can even share the connection with friends. FunAccess opens up the online world to several PSP consoles at the same time: connect up to 5 players at once!

Plus, Thrustmaster has created a website specially designed for PSP users; offering exclusive information, photos, screensavers and tips and tricks ( ). The site will be officially online April 6th.

If you have other Internet-enabled equipment with integrated WiFi technology such as a laptop or PDA the Wi-Fi USB key for PSP allows you to connect them to the web as well.

Thrustmaster’s new WiFi USB Key for PSP™ will be available in May 2006, at a recommended retail price of $39.99.

*Integrates WiFI 802.11G technology
**FunAccess requires the PSP firmware update 2.50 and higher, and Windows® XP.

2 Responses to “Thrustmaster WiFi USB Key for PSP”

  1. 1 mervyn

    will wifi usb kep for psp be released in australia. If so, where and when?

  2. 2 JameelT

    This is great news. I hated the PSP WIFI MAX… horrible customer service, and horrible product overall.

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