PSP robbers put 12 year old in Hospital

The Barnet and Potters Bar Times reports that on last Friday in Downage, a young boy of 12 was violently robbed of his PSP and mobile phone.

He was thrown to the ground, injuring his hand, while his PSP and mobile phone were stolen. The boy was taken to Barnet Hospital, suffering concussion, cuts and bruising, and remained there over the weekend

It was revealed earlier that two-thirds of all street robberies involve expensive electronic equipment. Officers now worry that the PSP will now become the target of choice as this is the second theft of this nature since Christmas.

Acting Detective Chief Inspector Murray Duffin, of Barnet police, said: “Sadly, small portable items of technology are just too much of a temptation to some of the criminal fraternity and things like PSPs and iPods that are not used in school should maybe be left safely at home or kept well out of sight when in the street.

“The amount of violence used in this attack was unnecessary and gratuitous and we would hope that anyone with any information about this incident will contact us quickly.”

I have to admit that I believe it to be a sad thing when two adults have to beat up and rob a 12 year old for something. I hope they catch the two soon and I also hope the kid is alright.

7 Responses to “PSP robbers put 12 year old in Hospital”

  1. 1 Martini101

    Thats sad. I feel sorry for the kid.

  2. 2 W Jones

    This same kinda crap happened in NYC last year with iPods in the subway system. Just don’t carry abound your XBox360!

  3. 3 BlackShark

    That son of a bitch

  4. 4 Dr.Hookems

    poor kid. This has nothing to do with the psp though he just got robbed.If someone steals a tv does it matter if its a panosonic or sony.

  5. 5 nomad

    OMG! Two adults injuring a 12 Year boy for a psp and a cell phone. What has this world come to?

  6. 6 Dr.Hookems

    This is the world and how it is just listen to rap. Or read There Are No Children Here

  7. 7 Vander

    What the hell is with two adults that probrably dont even own a Tv stealing a mobile fone that will end up being cut off anyways and a USED PSP at least steal it from BestBUy not from a child.

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