Encoding PSP Video on Linux

Linux users can now encode PSP compatible videos too! Using FFmpeg, mp4psp, psprez, and a shell script, Linux users can encode videos for their PSP. The process is rather complicated but if your one of those computer savvy Linux users, it should be a piece a cake.


3 Responses to “Encoding PSP Video on Linux”

  1. 1 iAlta


  2. 2 dmatrix7

    I had the same problem. This howto is awesome but quite complex.

    I have found the newest version of ffmpeg (binaries in Debian Unstable) works fine for me.

    Here is the script I use. Replace the variables

    ffmpeg -i $VideoToConvert -title $VideoToConvert -s 320×240 -b 512 -ar 24000 -ab 64 -r 29.970030 -f psp $HOME/Desktop/M4V$PSPVideoNumber.MP4

  3. 3 the_darkside_986

    That link seems to be dead :(

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