PSP Quake Updated With Multiplayer

Peter Mackay and Chris Swindle have updated their homebrew port of Quake. This new version adds multiplayer support. Now we can all have fun fragging our fellow human beings across ad-hoc and infrastructure.

Download PSP Quake v2.0

via DCEmu

6 Responses to “PSP Quake Updated With Multiplayer”

  1. 1 element8980

    i just downloaded it, but it won’t run on my psp (i have v2.60, but it should still work, right?). it shows up when i go under “game” on my mem stick, but when i try to run it an error message comes up that says “data file corrupted” or something similar to that. any suggestions on what i could do to fix this?

  2. 2 Dr.Hookems

    Ya iv got the newest eloader for 2.6 and whenevr i try to load it up my psp turns off. WTF

  3. 3 Target

    go there and download the Shareware version and put the IDF folder from the SW folder (i dunno the file with a 1 in it) in the quake folder

  4. 4 lmao

    Wow. What noobs.

  5. 5 BadSushi

    Alright, you pathetic freakin’ morons, here’s how it’s done:
    1) Install the lates eloader. I’m using .97 with 2.6 firmware.
    2)Load GTA LCS. Load the eloader as a saved game. Your system may freeze and turn off, If it does, do the following:
    a)Go under “game” and you should see two corrupt file icons. Delete these.
    b)Load GTA LCS and try loading again. It worked for me after this.
    3) You should end up with a screen that has a list of all the programs in the “game” directory of your PSP. Go to quake, and play to your ignorant heart’s content. I am assuming at this point that you had already read the README file in the quake folder and downloaded the IDF folder from the shareware version. Be sure to configure the controls the first time you play.
    See? All better. This is an old game, and i actually never played it before playing on PSP. A little dated, but scares the hell outta you every now and then. Gawd, I hate noobs…

  6. 6 EMANN_101

    i go ver. 3.5 and i keed getting a data corruption message so can someone tell me step by step from this site to get this on my PSP? Thanks

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