eLoader v0.9.7 “Bock”

Homebrew fans rejoice! For a new eLoader has been released. The new version is codenamed “Bock” and is a major upgrade to the previous version. What is the new feature you ask? Read Fanjita’s announcement to find out!

Download eLoader v0.9.7 “Block” – Auto Installer for Windows
Download eLoader v0.9.7 “Block” – ZIP for other Operating Systems

Oh come on now, did you really think we’d leave you guys? You do know what day it was yesterday, right?

We’re proud to release the latest version of eLoader, known as “Bock”. The major new feature is, wait for it… automatic WiFi support for homebrew on all firmwares! That means that the wifi hack is now officially a thing of the past, and everyone can look forward to seamless networked homebrew, both infrastructure and ad-hoc.

Massive thanks for the trick to enable wifi support has to go to Chris Swindle, who discovered it while working on the networking for the latest release of the Quake homebrew, which we’ve tested extensively to get working with the eLoader. For those who are wondering, this does not mean that we now have more access to kernel-mode – Chris found a function that allows you to load and initialise the networking libraries from within user-mode.

The other minor feature is that the default menu now caches the list of homebrew on your memory stick, so if it’s less than an hour since the menu last scanned, then it will just load the cached data instead, making it much faster to load the menu if you have a lot of homebrew.

via Fanjita.org

4 Responses to “eLoader v0.9.7 “Bock””

  1. 1 aphixs

    do i need a copy of gta still to make this homebrew to work

  2. 2 Brian

    Yes you still need gta

  3. 3 iAlta

    is it a specelle version of quake or the newest version 2.0?

  4. 4 leftwinger41

    Put this on the ol’ PSP last night, and its great.

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