Syphon Filter Promotional Email

PlayStation is sending out promotional emails for Syphon Filter now. It gives you a “mission update” and tells you to do some investigating. Here’s a snippet from the email:

Your mission will be to infiltrate KemSynth Enterprises from inside: go to KemSynth’s career page ( and discover how their hiring process works. Apply for a job and see if you can get a contact name from someone in their Human Resources department and report that name to Deputy Chief of Operations, Theresa Lipan.

Use this secure email form:

Proceed at your own risk

The “secure email form” looks fake but the KemSynth site is pretty convincing except for the disclaimer at the bottom telling you that it is a fictional company created for the purpose of promoting Syphon Filter: Dark Mirror. Read on to see a copy of the email.

14 Responses to “Syphon Filter Promotional Email”

  1. 1 MitchyD

    This is killer. Hint at more stuff? Downloads, maybe?

  2. 2 JSOUL

    How can i get this email? I “applied” w/KemSynth and got a confirmation email from them, tried to submit it to and got this reply”

    Agent, we have been tracking your progress and our intel indicates that you’ve received your information from second-hand sources. We need info we can trust, so go back and get your information straight from the source. We’ll be waiting for your email.

  3. 3 Bbad

    same reply I got from them, hopefully there will be some extra content for the game, it really does seem likely.

  4. 4 MitchyD

    God, that would be spiffy!!!

  5. 5 MitchyD

    Oh— I think the “Second Hand” Thing is all about us getting it from here—Not from Sony. You’ll likely have to be on a mailing list— Did anyone who REGISTERED their games at the Underground get this? Maybe it’s a promotion for those who DIDN’T purchase it?

    I hope it’s downloads!

  6. 6 MitchyD

    Sorry to post so much—–

    Problem Solved :

  7. 7 Dasme

    I’ve been playing along with this and so far I’m quite impressed. Once you get the reply email from KemSynth you send that info back to the agency, this starts a whole other series of emails happening.

    Very cool :)

  8. 8 MitchyD

    Reaaaallly?! I’m off to hotmail then

  9. 9 Skullz347

    yeah i have been playing to got some code to acces a site but no clue on what site i go to anyone know of the agencyhq or is it like the Syphon Filter site im not sure

  10. 10 sneaky

    how do i register
    it keeps saying that my email address isnt on file when ever i email the lipan lady

  11. 11 2 Sharp 2 Handle

    I’ve got the same problem sneaky has. Every time I try to send a name or when I send the email I got from the job apply, they say that my email adress isn’t on file. What can I do about it?

  12. 12 Mr_DeVireZ

    @ 2 sharp 2 handle & sneaky…
    I had the same problem once….but i changed the in a valid emailadres. Then i was able to send my message.

    At this point i’ve cleared mission 2. I made the team. This promotion really get’s me in the right atmosphere…Just like the game itself. The assignments aren’t too difficult and the set-up is quite convincing.

    If u do right u will be visiting very convincing websites/blogs and retrieve information for the agency.

    Now if anyone cleared mission 2 as well…tell me is there any continuation of assignments?? Because my final mail states: “…You’ll need to have the proper equipment, so I will be emailing you shortly about an opportunity to earn ###.

    You’re in kid. Welcome to the team.”

    Hope someone can enlighten me.

  13. 13 john

    what is the code for mission 1 on the syphon filter dark mirror website?

  14. 14 john

    what is the code for mission 1 on the syphon filter dark mirror website

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