First Year Retrospective of PSP

The Chicago Tribune (registration required) has posted an interesting retrospective on the first year of the PSP.

I love my Sony PlayStation Portable, which turns 1 year old on Friday. It boasts more than 100 games ($20 to $40 each) that get better all the time (Must-haves include new releases “Daxter,” “Syphon Philter: Dark Mirror” and the still-good “Grand Theft Auto: Liberty City Stories). It has about 350 movies and TV shows (“Chappelle’s Show: Season 1″ makes bus rides bearable). And it stores music and photos, as well as surfs the Web via your home wireless network ( has details) or Wi- Fi hot spots ( will find one near you).

Sony has sold more than 15 million PSPs worldwide, and now you can buy one for $199.99. A lot of great accessories are available such as Datel’s 4 gigabyte hard drive/battery pack makes your PSP bulkier but holds so much stuff ($250;; Pinnacle’s Studio Version 10.5 helps you edit your home movies and store them on a PSP Memory Stick ($49.99 with limited-time $20 mail-in rebate;

Registration is free (or you can use BugMeNot) and the article is worth checking out.

1 Response to “First Year Retrospective of PSP”

  1. 1 Dr.Hookems

    Hey I live in the Chicago land area just check my frapper i got this article and it is very possitive about the psp. it featured alot about the new accesorys. Overall the article was very possitive.

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