PSP Halo, Metroid, DoA, Nintendogs

Kotaku has posted some cool pictures (via British Gaming Blog) of faux PSP Game boxes and UMD’s of Halo, Metroid, DoA, Nintendogs.

Fake as can be, but still cool.

3 Responses to “PSP Halo, Metroid, DoA, Nintendogs”

  1. 1 ¿¿¿¿¿

    holy crap they look so real its not even funny,especially the metroid and halo they look the best

  2. 2 Dr.Hookems

    They do look real but how the hell would u put nitendogs on a psp. Why would sony join up with microsoft and nitendo too

  3. 3 WOW!

    THat is awesome I would PAY FOR METROID AND HALO!!! haha

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