New PSP Value Packs

PSP Fanboy reports (via French Blog Kingplayer), that Sony is reworking their Value Pack strategy.

Sony has revealed five new PSP Value Packs, each being offered with one of five titles: Medievil, Pursuit Force, WRC, Wipeout Pure, and Ridge Racer. It appears that the pack will be doing for about $250 Euros which translates to roughly $300 USD.


There has been no announcement as to if these packs will ever hit North American shores, but as Rafel said:

if Sony continues to be the lovable, greedy, profiteering scamps they’ve always been, we can be somewhat certain that we’ll see our own on this side of the planet.

2 Responses to “New PSP Value Packs”

  1. 1 ZephyrWest

    Wow, didn’t see this coming.

  2. 2 LordQuas431

    If it does come to North America you can rest assured there will be a Socom one…

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