MSVR-A10 PSP Recorder

Kotaku reports that Sony is launching a new PSP recorder called the MSVR-A10.

It can record four hours and 10 minutes at 384 kpbs on a 2GB memory stick and will retail for $215.

3 Responses to “MSVR-A10 PSP Recorder”

  1. 1 Bbad

    it would be cool if they let it copy dvd to the memory stick, man what’s with the price.

  2. 2 Foxx

    ya $215 for something that records to a 2GB and thats it….

  3. 3 MattyFinz

    I dont think its just for the 2 GB memory stick Foxx, I think its just giving an example as to how much video the thing can record on to one of the sticks, just so you can estimate how much time it can fit on other sizes. So Im guessing a 1 GB can hold 2hours and 5minutes of video, a 512, probably about 1hour 2 minutes, and so forth.

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