One more ad…

Yup, another PSP ad has been spotted. smallJoseph from our forums was kind enough to snap a picture of it. This time the ad emphasizes the movie icon. Not sure what this could mean. Support for more video formats perhaps?

6 Responses to “One more ad…”

  1. 1 Bakerboy


  2. 2 Wildoman

    Sony have spoken out on the subject to the Japanese press, denouncing porn as ‘utterly undesirable’ on the PSP, yet now they are advertising it…

  3. 3 LordQuas431

    Nah guys, they’re not advertising porn. They’re advertising the PSP camera’s ability to not only take pics but also record movies… Those are warnings that appear on movie ratings on the right side of the actual rating.

    Well it’s the only thing I could think of though, but they also did the same thing with what appears to be the picture ‘suspense ad’ making it sound risque

  4. 4 Jakob

    Maybe Sony is going to launch a video-on-demand service for the PSP..?

  5. 5 TheMariachi

    this is prbly the camera again except prbly tis gonna support video recording? YAY!

  6. 6 triviumfreak8908

    Or maybe it’s just saying that you can watch movies on the PSP, ones with strong language and scenes of a sexual nature?

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