Another PSP Ad

Kotaku has posted another PSP advertisement, similar to the one posted before, that was spotted on the side of a bus in London. This time the internet icon is emphasized. Any ideas?

6 Responses to “Another PSP Ad”

  1. 1 Bakerboy

    I see a camera and GPS in the future…

  2. 2 Eclipse9069

    I would def. say this is GPS.

  3. 3 ¿¿¿¿

    yup gps

  4. 4 cam

    i reckon it will need a gps addon, it couldnt use gps by itself, or it could just download maps of the loacal area

  5. 5 Brian

    Indeed by the word Lost iam sure it is GPS coming soon…..

  6. 6 fra

    or somethin good is happening to the internet on the psp. (firware 3.00…)

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