PSP Firmware 3.00 Rumor Control

As most of you know by now there have been a bunch of new firmware 3.00 pictures flying across the interweb. Some say they’re fake, some say they’re real. I’m here just to point out some discrepancies I’ve spotted.

pic. 1

Here’s one of the first pics. The original poster says that this is a scan from the March issue of PlayStation Magazine. One thing to note is that the music icon is gone. On current PSPs the music icon is located between the photo and movie icons.

pic. 2

pic. 3

Here is two more that poped up afterwards. Notice how the top picture has wavy lines in the background and the bottom one doesn’t. I can’t think of any explanation for this. In 2.00 if you set a background the wavy lines weren’t visible. Plus, the icons look metallic.

pic. 4

Here is one of a set of pictures that I just found yesterday. It looks pretty real at first glance but closer examination reveals that the style of the music and movie icons looks different. On top of that, it’s missing at least four of the icons from the picture in the magazine scan. Another thing to note is the “console security” icon. I find it hard to believe that Sony would put that there of all places. AND another thing I noticed is that the wavy lines seem to be more prominent.

pic. 5

Here’s another picture from the aforementioned set of pictures. Notice you can see the words “internet browser” at the top, we shouldn’t be able to see that. When an item isn’t selected the title isn’t supposed to be visible.

pic. 6

pic. 7

And finally, here are another two pictures from the set. Two different MAC adresses. Some may argue that this person might have had access to two 3.00 PSPs. That may be so possible, this person must be very lucky to have two 3.00 PSPs. Although, this just most likely means that these are pics from a development version of the PSP firmware. Sony probably has many test versions of the firmware in the works, but that doesn’t mean any of the functionality will make it into production

So what does this all mean? Well, it means that some of these pictures are probably fake. They are all slightly different from each other. Pic 1 and 2 were questionable because of the wavy lines in one of them. The final set looked questionable as well since it was missing icons present in the other pictures and were missing a few internet icons. At the moment, the magazine scan seems to be the most reliable shot not only because it comes from a reputable magazine, but also because it has the least amount of evidence against it. If I had to say which one was the most reliable, it would be the magazine scan.

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38 Responses to “PSP Firmware 3.00 Rumor Control”

  1. 1 dave

    in picture four if you look at the time the date is in the formate of “day/month”, when on the current firmware it is “month/day”. its not proof of anything, however, why would sony change something so trivial

  2. 2 Mving_Trgt

    in pic.5 the internet browser is barely visible, on my psp, the RSS and location free are on top of the Web Browser Icon

  3. 3 ZephyrWest

    Dunno but this pic shows about half of the location free icon visible:

  4. 4 Dr.Hookems

    I think their fakes why would it go from 2.6 to 3.0?

  5. 5 Extinction

    For ALL PSPs, the first half of the MAC is identical. 00:01:4A

  6. 6 iAlta

    Dave, you can change that in the menu!

  7. 7 Ndead

    I Think Releases firmwares on purpose. Because what I think is they want see if we like what they put in there or what do you want to add. Like, I read a post on a different site a person posted some suggestions for things in a firmware and most of his suggestions are on these pictures.

  8. 8 Ndead

    In my first sentence i meant firmware pictures… SORRY

  9. 9 toni caproini

    ive got a big surprise for you all,these pictures…are fake,you may have already figured it brother spys on sony computer entertainment in japan,but keep it to yourself,hes learned that the new update is version 3.02,it has connections for the ps3 and an application in the network column which allows you to download movies,music and photos,the major difference is the ability to use movies as a screensaver,yes thats right,you can use full video files from a memory stick as a all must be thinking this is a lie,well,dont take my word for it,just go to,/fres/ps3netpsp its alot of letters

  10. 10 matt

    You no what yes these are fake as what accured to me is on pic 6 the lines are the same as pic 4 and pic 7 arn’t the line surpose to move or did this guy took these pictures as quick as sonic?

  11. 11 matt

    hey toni caproini this site dont work i dont think the site excisted it’s Fake All fake why can’t sony just give us one truth not a lie in what it would really look like. But hay if they have skiped from 2.60 to 3.00 they should of made it alot better and all the latest stuff on it. Shouldn’t they???

  12. 12 pspmoder2

    i’m sorry to say but you are all wrong its going to be version 3.01 we decided to make that because everyone is saying 3.00 and i am one of the engineers that helps dvelope sony psp firmware and on version 3.01 gta will be unable to play and a new gta will be released titled “gta down south” one of many new games being released and no remake games newly made up ones like “world domination total threat” but these games will only be available on frmware 3.01 so to et these games you MUST update we are 100% sure there is no way to crack this firmware try me fanjita. anyways why would you buy a psp to play old ass games on such a great device.

  13. 13 pspmoder2

    release date is when the ps3 is coming out and they are fully compatible……….

  14. 14 john

    i say its all done on a computer by a lonely guy

  15. 15 andrew

    *READ THIS* notice that the wavy lines inn the dark blue background(3.00 gold) are always the same. look at all of them.

  16. 16 deathman

    hey psp modeler 2 send me a copy of the new firmware if your supposivaly an engineer my email

  17. 17 Javante

    I like xbox /=0

  18. 18 Javante

    i also like xbox live /=)

  19. 19 Javante

    i am typing this crap from my PSP and im so slow.PSP should have a keyboard so i can type in pornsites faster(that took me like 15 minutes to type).The guy that was saying he works with PSPs tell sum1 at your job about this but if already exists tell me so i can buy it and get back 2 porn on my PSP(that shit just took me 30 minutes 2 type)so if u find a PSP keyboard or if u take my advise and create 1 just email me @ thanx (now back 2 slow typing porn)

  20. 20 2nd2none

    hey pspmoder2 guy. if u are one of the psp firmware engineers, then why dont you give us a hint on when it’s gonna come out

  21. 21 pspmoder2

    psp nano ipod check this out i made it im not an engineer april fools fools

  22. 22 pspmoder2

    I have said too much and can no longer say anymore.

  23. 23 mattC

    hey pspmoder2, shutup. older games would not become incompatable, it makes no sense. Why would they sell a game just to purposly make it not work in a few months? Sony customers would go crazy. Also it makes no sense to rename it to 3.01 just because everyone thinks its 3.0. There is no benefit to that at all. So.. good effort trying to start new rumours but you’re an idiot. Nobody is stupid enough to fall for that. Go back to your imaginary job at Sony.

  24. 24 Jay

    the first MAC address is for Visionics Corporation (0009C6)
    the second is for hopf Elektronik Gmb (0003C7).

    the first 6 hex numbers in a mac address are the oui, identifying the vendor.

    sony should be 00014A xx xx xx

    the last six hex # represent the device…

  25. 25 Javante

    i want a damn keyaoard

  26. 26 death metal kickass

    i want a damn keyboard 2. i can type pretty good now on the psp, but i know it would be cool to have 1. Sony does have a keyboard out already, but i don’t know if it is in the US. yo javante, here’s a pic of thar keyboard –>

  27. 27 Devlin Wilhelm

    Thats realy cool they should put a cordless mouse for it keyboard

  28. 28 devlin


  29. 29 da o bomb

    The perfect keyboard would be one that goes on like the griffin fm radio thing.

    /___/ ______________________ \___\
    / | | \
    | O | | O |
    | O O| |O O |
    | O | | O |
    | | | |
    \ |______________________| ___/
    \______________________________/ /
    \ O O O O O O O O O O O O O O O /

  30. 30 da o bomb

    damnit the diagram got messed up, ignore that.
    google griffin radio psp accories

  31. 31 da o bomb

    when is 3.00 coming out

  32. 32 Gamenerd

    hey guys guess what u wont beleive me but i know som1 with 3.0 im gettin it

  33. 33 Kevin

    Dammit!! i want the firmware SO badly!!!! ive been doin network update every day since firmware 2.71!!!!

  34. 34 Carmaster

    Does anybody know when the next firmware is coming out?? If anybody really does have the next update, can you please tell me where I can get it please? Thanks.

  35. 35 Duncanyoyo1

    Why the hell ever update? there is no homebrew and if u don’t know what homebrew is F**k you.
    BTW i have firmware 1.5 yeah 1.5.

  36. 36 AFTERshock_68

    see, u guys dont know what is going on. sony is working their heads off trying to make the 3.00 firmware with all of the capabilities that they announced in a mag. i say that it will be a while before it is released—mabye it will be in august

  37. 37 PsP-Hacker

    Duncanyoyo1.. 1.5 can suck on my n*ts, why buy a 300$ device, to play games from the 90′s?????? so plz stfu and go update :)

  38. 38 HARDcorGamexXx

    yea i’m updating. yea 1.5 is cool but i want a camra on my psp.and 3.00 sounds so cool! P.S is it true that u will hafta buy a special mem card that uses the the onbord memory of the psp? mail me

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