PSP to get an upgrade?
We’ve heard rumblings of Sony plans to add storage to a new (possibly smaller) version of their PSP, starting with 50GB HDD rumors a year ago, but now we’re hearing of a possible deal between Sony and Samsung to add 8GB of flash memory to the portable. According to “market sources,” Sony has been pressuring Samsung to lower NAND flash prices by toying around with microdrives, but they’re really digging on those low-power flash chips and hope to cram 8GBs worth into a new PSP due the second half of this year — if all this is to be believed, of course. It all sounds rather similar to some Sony/Samsung 8GB dealings that went down last year that we assumed were linked to an iPod competitor in the works, which maybe is still a fair assumption. We sure wouldn’t mind a bit of built-in storage in the already media-centric PSP, especially since UMDs are sort of drying up, let’s just hope they can get over this Memory Stick addiction and do it on the cheap — and soon.

All I have to say is, where’s the love Sony? The PSP hasn’t even been out for a year in North America. If Sony released a new version so soon I would feal cheated. Am I the only one? Sure, NAND flash memory would be an awsome upgrade but I think it’s just too soon.

9 Responses to “PSP to get an upgrade?”

  1. 1 Salesmunn

    I won’t care if they release the same PSP with built-in flash memory but I WILL care if they release a new PSP model.

    I heard rumblings that Sony was working on smaller/cheaper portable video players.

  2. 2 Brian

    i think its too son and iam angry shocked but iam sure it will come out with problems

  3. 3 Daniel

    it would be better if they put this as an extention like in the usb port.

  4. 4 Dr.Hookems

    They should just offer memory upgrades like on computers. Like give ur PSP to some electronics store and they’ll put an 8 gb hard drive in

  5. 5 Tsukari

    I highly doubt the validity of a built in PSP hard drive thats 8 gigs, firstly the PSP Bios can’t handle more than 4GB anyways, and would require some serious work to the OS for an 8 gig to be feasible. Not to mention its not cost effective for sony, as they can make more selling the memory sticks seperately. Though I don’t think its too soon for a redesign, the DS is coming out with one soon, its been selling for just as long as the PSP. Besides it’ll take 3-4 months to make it to retail from an official announcement.

  6. 6 ZephyrWest

    Well, if they upgrade to 8GB they can definitly update the BIOS if need be. You said hard drive, this isn’t a hard driveā€”it’s NAND flash. And the DS has been out a few months longer than the PSP has. AND, this isn’t an official anouncement, it’s just speculation.

    As for cost effectivness, I agree. Sony would make more money selling memory sticks.

  7. 7 AwRy108

    An internal memory upgrade sounds great, especially if it enables the Web Browser to have more cache, as well as run things like Macromedia Flash content. HOWEVER, I’m not at all interested in buying another model of the PSP, especially considering how much the original cost me! Nintendo can get away with stuff like this because their hardware is much less expensive; but if Sony tries to pull this off, I think it will just further alienate gamers from the device, simply because those who refuse to shell out $ for a new model will feel that their “old” model is obselete.

  8. 8 mike

    dude i think there all lies the were long gaps of time between the ps1 the ps2 and the ps3 inst even out the psp is still new were probaly goin to see many firmwares and litte addons sony is in the middle of makin the key board psp is still young and doent need to revamp the whole unit were as it hasnt even been a year since it first came out and i bet no one really wants a new unit theres a line between psp and laptop lol internet o well just makin a point

  9. 9 mike

    thous images look fake just copyed and pasted all the same serial code

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