Haven’t had a chance to try it out but it looks pretty cool. VEMode stands for Video Encoder for Mobile Devices. Notice that it’s for mobile devices and not just PSP. That means if you own other gadgets like the iPod or Pocket PC devices, this will work for it to.

You can get VEMoDe here.


  • Easy to use interface. Just pick your file and go!
  • Very fast encoder (uses FFmpeg)
  • Existing settings for several popular devices (PSP, iPod, Palm, Pocket PC), plus you can create settings for other devices.
  • “Encode by Size” to get the most quality for your memory cards.
  • “Split by Size” to maximize quality and portability
  • Easy to configure encoding options.
  • Cropping options to get the best screen usage.
  • Select the start and end positions to remove those long credits.
  • Auto-shutdown for overnight encoding.
  • It’s free!

3 Responses to “VEMoDe”

  1. 1 Brian

    Nice ill try it out

  2. 2 Calvin

    ITS AMAZING!!! works perfectly. Had psp video 9 but some how it stopped working today. Found this and its great, totally recomend it for PSP, iPod, Palm, Pocket PC, and for pretty much any other portable devices.

  3. 3 Termos

    TRied this app but cant get it to work on the fly when I try making PSP videofile. Some inputs are missing…didnt know what to put in the empty fields so I just used some random numbers. Maby they dont do anything?

    Otherwise SUPER app! very nice to cover all kinds of devices and especially I like the one-click function (when it works) :)

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