PSP Podcast #46

After a short hiatus the PSP podcast is back and bursting with news. I talk about the newest PSP rumours such as oonline play and GPS. I review Mega Man Maverick Hunter X and Ultimate Block Party, and Cara brings us a preview of the next Untold Legends game.

Call our voicemail line and leave us a comment! 1-206-326-1221

If you would like to give it a listen you can either download it [directly [mp3 45min 22mb], or subscribe to the podcast RSS feed in your favorite aggregator.


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5 Responses to “PSP Podcast #46”

  1. 1 Brian

    Thank youuuuuuu

  2. 2 Brian

    God do you have to plug your site everywhere quit it man

  3. 3 portablemind

    podcasts come so slowly, there are so many things going on in the PSP world.

  4. 4 Dasme

    There are many things heppening, which is why I chose to do a weekly release of the PSP podcast. Things might change in the future to increase the frequency, but for now they will remain weekly.

  5. 5 Flamekebab

    Is it possible to get a version of the podcast in Ogg Vorbis, like a low bandwidth ‘cast? Say, 32kbps VBR, mono? I’m currently stuck in New Zealand on dialup and the current cast is way too big for me to download here! Please?

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