Remote Access Your PC Through PSP Browser

PSP Updates has posted some information regarding Accessing Your PC Through PSP Web Browser.

SpeedBrkr has discovered a way to access your PC remotely with your PSP.

The key is the service provided at They are offering a remote access technology service, which can be accessed through an internet browser. The steps are also very simple:

* Sign up for the service and get yourself an account. Install the PC server-side software on the PC you want to be accessed remotely. The process should be very simple.
* Load in your PSP web browser, then get to your PC through that.

SpeedBrkr has succeeded in connecting and remotely using his PC from his PSP. I should say it’s a smart way. Good job, SpeedBrkr, and thanks :-)

While this only applies to the firmware with browsers (2.0+), 1.5 and 1.0 users can do a similar function using TedZero or PSPVNC.

9 Responses to “Remote Access Your PC Through PSP Browser”

  1. 1 Dr.Hookems

    This is very cool i did it my psp but the memory ran out. later i tried it on my mac and it was sucsesful i was playing san andreas on a freakin mac!

  2. 2 mischief

    it’s so cool i love it thank’s

  3. 3 Asher

    I was able to get it to show me what was on my computers’s screen on my psp but not able to click on anything… when I clicked on any part of the screen it would only refresh the image and not actually move my mouse or select what I clicked on.

  4. 4 Guest

    Yeah, me too, how do you fix this?

  5. 5 Guest

    Please let us know!

  6. 6 Jim Johnson

    the psp browser does not support any of the flash or java plug ins that are needed to completely control it so therefore you have to use HTML to control it.

  7. 7 Noah

    that doesnt work! i have 3.50 firmware.

  8. 8 [=HELP!=]

    this is not working how do you access your “MY computers” from the psp browser the computer doesnt show

    i dont know if im doing this right so if anyone can help me please comment please :(?:)

    Firmware: 3.71

    Computer: Vista Windows

  9. 9 Jack Bauer

    But isn’t it possible that the maker of the website is using it to access my PC. Because I don’t like this subscription thing. Luckily, I have Phoenix VI security which is expensive but worth it so anyone who tries to jack my PC I will find and ^&%$ up the @ss sideways.

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