PS3 Details Revealed

I debated about posting this information after coming across it on Digg yesterday, but I figured why not. While not PSP Specific, it does touch on our lovely handheld and there is no debating the fact that most dedicated PSP fans are also interested in the PS3.

Jak_The_Man made a post on the official Sony Forums regarding an upcoming issue of PlayStation Magazine that has a plethora of PS3 information. Here is Jak_The_Man’s summary of the article.

* PS3 will have online service that goes beyond xbox live
* PS3 will be a DVR
* It will connect with psp
* There are alot of games being worked on for it right now in the US (alot more then what people know about)
* The final ps3 dev kit is alot faster than they thought (according to the developer)
* The ps3 will have an itunes type service to let you download HI DEF movies, music, etc
* The Ps3 will take the media center functionality the 360 has even further
* PS3 will serve as a location free player for the psp, means you can watch the dvd’s that you have in your psp on your psp(from anywhere in the world), or any other video files you have on your ps3, though this is still only being planned.
* PSP will be able to send its files straight to the psp from anywhere in the world, and it can also control its DVR functionalities
* Firmware updates will add more functionality, much like with the psp
* The Blu Ray Player functionality doesnt cost as much as a stand alone player because the Cell and RSX can take care of alot of the stuff the ps3 will need to do to be able to read the disks
* Fall release date for ps3, no release date for online service, but expected to launch w/ the system

He had originally posted scans of the magazine but took them down for I am assuming bandwidth issues (Being front page on Digg will do that quickly). Luckily I nabbed em before he did so here are the two scans (Click for full size):


This definitely good information to hear. I am not a big fan of the XBox 360 nor XBox in general and I am eagerly anticipating the PS3 launch. This information has simply made me want it now.

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7 Responses to “PS3 Details Revealed”

  1. 1 tupacrip

    Im confused from the amount of times you said psp instead of ps3.

    But im looking forward to the release and hope it wont cost so much.

  2. 2 Jakanden

    What do you mean? The article focusus on PS3 but It also mentions the PSP often

  3. 3 Jakanden

    Ok I reworded it a bit to make it less confusing (I hope)

  4. 4 Brian

    * PSP will be able to send its files straight to the psp from anywhere in the world, and it can also control its DVR functionalities

    o dear you what?!

  5. 5 Dr.Hookems

    THIS SOUNDS SO COOL. Its probably gonna cost like $750 cause the location free player is like $250 so its gonna cost more than the 360 or the revolution

  6. 6 iAlta

    it’ll be 500 or less.
    If yuo have heard, they are not getting profir from this.
    The DVR fuction may suggest that it will come equipt with a HDD, as standard.

  7. 7 Jakanden

    $500 seems to be the current estimate from most analysts and I think that is an acceptable price for it.

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