Dragonball Z: Shin Budokai for PSP

According to 1UP, Dragonball Z: Shin Budokai will be making its way to the PSP in the series first on that platform.

Dragonball Z: Shin Budokai should have everything you’ve come to expect from the Budokai games – fast, aerial action filled with energy blasts – and they’ve upped the ante with wireless multiplayer. Players will have the ability to create virtual tournaments and battle for bragging rights whilst forgoing the wires.

The game is set for a March release and is being developed by Dimps, the same team who released the previous Budokai games. The Budokai series is one of those with a die-hard fan base. Not only is it loved by those who love the anime series, but since (for the most part) they are great fighting games, it also has a large fan-base of non anime-fans. Hopefully the PSP outing will prove another excellent entry in the series.

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    See this site for more information about Dragonball.

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